Once you have your Social Gateway switched on, you can rest assured that every customer will get a high quality, personal and timely response from your brand. Every single interaction with a customer is your chance to increase customer's love for your brand and Social Gateway has been designed specifically for that:

Unified inboxes
Customer centric
Assisted interactions
Same agent conversations
Client satisfaction


Monitor any digital identity or topic across the web and social networks (twitter, facebook, g+, youtube, linked in, forums, blogs). Get the real numbers from the real sources to take advantage of opportunities and mitigate risks before it's too late.

Keyword monitoring
Dynamic folders
Key mentions
Trends & crisis


Social Gateway will present you the information you are looking clearly through graphical visualizations and result lists that are easy to operate on. 100% customizable line, pie and bar charts, multidimensional cubes, words clouds, heat maps and more... A dashbord editor to design and share dahsboards across your time, while optionally exporting them through excel or plain urls.

WOW! dashboards
Traffic reports
Management reports
Key performance indicators
Easy export
Real time charts


Social Gateway is a tool designed for team working and high speed task distribution. Usually, tasks are indeed interactions with customers but you can also use Social Gateway for other kind of tasks by connecting a tasks source (like an excel file or through api).

Task assignment
User state
Roles & permissions
Internal chat
Canned replies


Social Gateway marketing tools allow you to design, approve and schedule the publication of your content in the social networks. By integrating your Brands outbound communication in the same platform where you manage the inbound communication, you can better prepare yourself for load handling and topic detection and routing. Plus, you don't need to duplicate you whole setup.

Approval flows
Notifications indicators
Clasification (tags)
Measure performance


Leave those repetitive processes in the hands of Social Gateway and spend your time on making decisions.

ACD (automatic contact distribution)
Social flow designer
Scheduled tasks

Social CRM

Social Gateway lets you consolidate an invaluable database of people that interact with your brand or your competitors, automatically and flexibly enough so that you can register any information associated with people and brands.

History of Customer Conversations
Custom Fields
First Things First

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